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UPSTAGE at LungCAN Conference

Upstage Lung Cancer is one of fourteen lung cancer patient advocate organizations gathering together in the “Living room” at the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation in San Carlos California. Advocate organizations are located across the US from California to Maine.

members of UPC at LungCan conferenceThe first day of the conference heard speakers Barbara Gitlitz, MD from Genentech, Mark Jacobstein, of Guardant Health, and David Marshak from Foundation Medicine. The talks and discussion that followed emphasized that genomic testing for all lung cancer patients should be the standard of care. Tumor testing and liquid biopsies (blood tests of circulating tumors and DNA) can reveal over 300 mutations. The benefit of this testing is in directing targeted therapies and enhancing potential efficacy of immunotherapy (drugs that boost one’s own immune system to treat the cancer.

In addition, clinical trials were discussed as important options for treatment in advanced cancers as well as for some earlier, lower stages.