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We Mourn the Loss of Linnea Olson

Upstage Lung Cancer expresses deep sadness in the loss of Linnea Olson. She was always supportive of our mission, attended our concerts and participated in our Podcasts and Fireside Chat.

Linnea Olson

Linnea was extraordinary in so many ways. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, she was given only a short time to live. At her death, she “outlived lung cancer” by sixteen years. She spent those years living life to the fullest. I remember her only a few years ago when she was on a dating site and I ran into her with her handsome date at a scientific meeting. She was so bright and humorous. Her blog, “Life and Breath: Outliving lung cancer” was a journal of one woman living every day with lung cancer—ordinary challenges and big ones.

She was a force, that’s for sure. She was an avid patient advocate and was on Advisory Boards as well as serving as a peer reviewer for the Department of Defense. She was an advisor to pharma and Biotech on best practices for clinical trials. She was so thoughtful talking about the costs and benefits of clinical trials, from a personal perspective on our Backstage @ Upstage podcast. She participated in more than five clinical trials. This was a woman who loved live and was the true representative of a survivor.

She will remain in the hearts and memories of the entire lung cancer community. It was an honor and a pleasure to know her.