Genetic Engineering and Lung Cancer

Francisco J. Sánchez-Rivera, PhD, recipient

Francisco Sanchez Rivera, PhD

Hosts:  Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich
Guests:  Francisco J. Sánchez-Rivera PhD, Jane Wilkinson  

Our prior podcast, “What Did the Human Genome Project Ever Do For Us?” was so exciting and enjoyable that we all felt there was no stopping the conversation with just one podcast. We just had to go on. Our guest, Jane Wilkinson actually worked on the original Human Genome Project and was able to share her experiences and explain this blockbuster effort in such a down-to-earth way that it transformed this complicated topic to a very accessible one. Our other guest, Francisco Sanchez-Revera, PhD began to describe some of the medical consequences that resulted from this work. 

Today’s podcast continues with Francisco’s highlighting some of the amazing work being conducted in his lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work is focusing attention on the cause of cancer as well as specifically on the cause of lung cancer. Listen to this important and wonderful conversation!