Pharma: Friend or Foe—Patient and Pharma Perspectives

Christie Leonard

Christie Leonard

Host:  Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich, co-host

Guests: Christie Leonard, Caregiver Gastric Cancer Patient; Cheryl Davis, Patient Experience Expert; Gary Geipel, Former Pharma-Industry Executive

Christie Leonard is a young woman with small children who became a caregiver for her husband who battled cancer. She shares her powerful and moving experience working with the pharmaceutical industry who gave her a seat at the table, listened and then created educational materials and peer to peer programs to establish a long-lasting community. Gary Geipel answered the question, “Why are drugs so expensive and what can a patient do about it?” Cheryl Davis draws from her long experience in the pharmaceutical industry and patient advocacy to express how important it is for pharma to listen to the voices of patients and caregivers to create better outcomes. This fascinating discussion also includes resources for patients and the negative reputation of the pharmaceutical industry.