Radiation for Diagnosis and Treatment
What’s New for lung cancer?

Radiation treatment and diagnosis

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Hosts: Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich
Guest: Francine Jacobson, MD, MPH

Dr. Francine Jacobson discusses the value of screening for early detection of lung cancer. From the perspective of patients and care givers, facing radiation can be concerning. Dr. Jacobson discusses the lowering doses of radiation to help find lung cancer early, with the benefit of identifying and treating the disease at the earliest possible time.

What’s new? There is more understanding of early lung cancer and how to approach it for treatment Artificial Intelligence is in the news, and now has the potential to predict the presence of lung cancer. New technologies and scanning abilities will help to make lung cancer a chronic disease.

This podcast helps to demystify the process of scanning and treating lung cancer with radiation. This includes addressing fears and scanxiety associated with scans and treatment. The questions and answers raised in this episode focus on the concerns of patients, family members and caregivers.