The Power of Scans: Lung Cancer Screening Matters!

the importance of CT scans for early detection of lung cancer

The importance of CT scans for early detection of lung cancer

Hosts:  Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich co-host
Guests:  Francine Jacobson MD, MPH, Dusty Donaldson, Dan Cardigan MD

Three exceptional guests join the conversation about the importance of lung cancer screening from a medical and personal point of view. Dr. Francine Jacobson is a founding director of the lung cancer program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Health Care in Boston. As a thoracic radiologist, she describes CT scans, what patients need to know about the process of having a scan and what can be learned from them. Dan Cardigan, MD continues the discussion as a primary care physician and also as someone diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. In addition, patient advocate and lung cancer survivor Dusty Donaldson shares her experience of learning that she had lung cancer at an early stage. She tells how that experience has fueled her commitment to spending her life advocating for patients with lung cancer. This is a dynamic, encouraging and convivial discussion you won’t want to miss.