What No One Ever Told You

Francine Jacobson, MD

Hosts: Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich, co-host

Guest: Francine Jacobson, MD, MPH, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

The process of being diagnosed and treated for lung cancer is often an arduous one. Hildy discusses her own winding road — how slipping on the stairs while wearing new shoes ultimately led to diagnosis and successful treatment. The accidental discovery of her tumor highlights the value of persistence by patients.

With our guest, thoracic radiologist, Francine Jacobson, MD, we discuss various ways patients and their families can prepare for diagnosis and treatments. Knowing what to expect can reduce anxiety and minimize risks that patients will avoid or postpone procedures. Dr. Jacobson offers insights into preparing for CT scans, other diagnostics, and radiology treatments. Equally important is preparing family members or other caregivers to support and join the patient on their journey. Additional issues are considered, such as disparities in access to treatment, educational, racial, and financial backgrounds.