Upstage Lung Cancer

Using performing arts to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research

Grace’s Story

A Daughter’s Perspective

It began in December 2000; my mother had fallen off a kitchen chair and was complaining about having back pain. She was seen by her primary care doctor who later prescribed pills for the pain. Unfortunately, the pain continued to get worse. The doctor asked my mother if she was a smoker, my mother replied no. She was then given stronger pills and was sent on her way home. In April 2001, my mother went back to her doctor and finally blood work was done, X-rays other tests and finally a body scan. Diagnosis: Stage 4 lung cancer that spread to the bones in her back. There wasn’t anything they could be done at this point. They had given her a few months to live and treated her with radiation. From that point on my mother went in and out of the hospital.

During this horrific time, I was expecting my first child. On May 1 2001, my baby was arrived 2 weeks early. A few days later my mother went back into the hospital for her final days. I went to visit my mother everyday with my baby. I wanted to give my mother a chance to hold her granddaughter in her arms. What was supposed to be the happiest day of my life turned out to be the saddest time in my life.

On May 14, 2001 my mother passed away at age 67.

I am writing this story as hard as it is, in hope to bring awareness of this horrible disease that can strike anyone…rich or poor, young or old, men and women, smokers or non-smokers. Maybe if my mother had earlier detection and proper treatment she would still be here today to see my three children (Emma, Noelle and Joseph) grow into beautiful and loving children.