Upstage Lung Cancer

Using performing arts to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research

Ilene’s Story

One sunny day a friend and I were driving to Manhattan from my home in Brooklyn. We were crossing an intersection a few blocks from my house when Sue said, “Oh my God!” and a car crashed into the passenger side of the car where she was sitting. She wound up with ten fractured ribs, among other injuries, and is now fully recovered. I got away with merely a collapsed lung and a totaled car.

In the course of treating the lung a “ground glass” spot was noticed. After watching the spot for about eight months, since it neither disappeared nor decreased in size, as hoped, the decision was made to remove it. Upon examination the spot was found to contain BAC and adenocarcinoma cells so the whole lobe and nearby lymph nodes were removed.

The surgeon offered that I would have been dead in five years without the early detection. The oncologist said sometimes these spots just sit there, but he also would have recommended the surgery.

Coming up to three years later, after 3-month, 6-month, and now yearly CAT scans, there has been no sign of cancer. So you might say the car crash saved my life.

We don’t recommend car crashes for early detection of lung cancer. There is surely a better way.