Upstage Lung Cancer

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Laura’s Story

My name is Laura. I am a 46 year-old mother of three children aged 12, 10 and 8. Two boys with a girl in the middle. My husband Dave and I have been married for 19 years just this August.

Laura with family

My knee started to hurt in February and I thought it was due to running on the treadmill to get in shape in January. After x-rays, physical therapy and MRI’s, I had a cancerous tumor removed in mid-May. The doctors did all kinds of body scans and more MRI’s and found a mass in my left lung. They did a biopsy on that also in May and found that it was a cancerous tumor.

I went from barely limping in February to barely being able to walk due to pain in April to the surgery in May. I did 18 radiation treatments on my knee before I could begin chemo on my lung the last week in July. As of mid August I am through 1 of 6 cycles of the chemo. I hate to think what I’d be dealing with if I hadn’t started running and hurt my knee. The orthopedic doctor first diagnosed me with a displaced patella. After 2 weeks of physical therapy I knew it was getting worse and I told them but they said it takes a while for the therapy to begin working. After a couple more weeks, I insisted on an MRI and that’s when they found the tumor in my knee. I had no other symptoms anywhere in my body other than the pain in my knee which turned out to be the tumor on my femur.

I’ve put my trust in the doctors at Mass General Hospital. Almost every single person I’ve encountered in all the appointments for scan, MRIs, tests, bloodworks, radiation and chemotherapy have been kind and knowledgable. I am committed to beating this horrible disease. I am fearful for all the people walking around who may have this disease but have no way of knowing due to no real symptoms showing up.

Thanks for reading my story. Please support Hildy’s campaign to fund early detection of lung cancer and to help many people continue to live full and enriched lives.

Laura Plummer, age 46, died on February 21, 2010, after a courageous battle with lung cancer.