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Clinical Trials: Courage and Hope

Upstage Lung Cancer recently posted an informative podcast about clinical trials Clinical Trials and Tribulations: Upstage Lung Cancer (Podcast). Guests on the podcast are Diane Legg, Linnea Olson, Lecia Sequist, MD, and Upal Basu Roy, PhD. The discussion included personal experiences with clinical trials, debunking myths about clinical trials and opportunities as well as barriers for […]

palliative care lung cancer

October 2021

Understanding Palliative Care

Claire Shafer

Palliative care is a specialty field of medicine, an extra layer of support. Essentially you would have a whole team of experts to provide extra care for you and your family while you are going through treatment for your cancer.

Kathy Griffin diagnosed with lung cancer

Lung Cancer Is Not A Laughing Matter

Claire Youkilis Shafer

You may or may not be a fan of Kathy Griffin’s acting or comedy, but she recently became a member of a growing group of never-smoking Americans who face a lung cancer diagnosis.

bio marker

June 2021

Learn Everything You Can About Biomarkers. It could save your life or your loved one.

Hildy Grossman

Founder & President

Biomarker testing is a way to look for substances to find information about cancer.

Jill Costello

May 2021

Young People Get Lung Cancer, Really!

Hildy Grossman

Founder & President

Unfortunately, doctors don’t know how or why. Proceeds from our concerts help to support research to help find answers to these questions.

lung cancer screening

April 2021

Lung Cancer Screening News

Hildy Grossman

Founder and President of Upstage Lung Cancer

United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) announced revisions to its existing lung cancer screening.


March 1

How the COVID-19 Legacy Could Change Cancer Care for the Better

Cheryl Davis

President and Founder, Red Thred Solutions

The pandemic has forced physicians, surgeons, and patient advocacy organizations to adapt how they treat and support vulnerable populations.

Janet McCarthy

February 2021

All in the Family

An interview by Tricia Hardwick

Janet McCarthy’s lung cancer was first detected eight years ago. Unfortunately, this was not Janet’s first close encounter with lung cancer.

Gloria and Joe Linnertz

January 2021

Anyone Can Get Lung Cancer: Here is One Thing You Can Do

By Gloria Linnertz

Director/Founder, Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction

There may be another invisible killer lurking in what you think is the safety of your home. We had never tested our home and didn’t know that radon gas exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers!

Hildy Grossman with Louise Tucker

December 2020

Holidays: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

By Hildy Grossman

Founder and President of Upstage Lung Cancer

How we can cope with the pain and suffering in the world today.

November 2020 | Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Joint Statement on Triage Considerations for Lung Cancer Patients

Provided by LungCan

Collective of lung cancer organizations

Our community is in great turmoil and distress. Our ability to change the situation is limited. Here’s what we can do.

Linnea Olson

October 2020 | republished

The Relaxed Hostess

By Linnea Olson

2020 Fan Award Recipient

Cancer crashed my party more than fourteen years ago. The guest from hell. Uncouth, unkempt, possessed of a nasty disposition and with no respect for boundaries. Lousy fucking company.

Hildy Grossman performing with The Follen Angels

Updated August 2020

Hildy’s Story

By Hildy Grossman

Founder and President of Upstage Lung Cancer

The story behind the motivation that inspired Upstage Lung Cancer.