Black Women At High Risk For Lung Cancer? 


Host:  Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich, co-host

Guests: Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, MD with Alexandra Potter and Deepti Srinivasan

Our podcasts have focused on disparities in healthcare, particularly in Hispanic, Asian, and rural communities. This podcast considers the Black community in the US, and in particular, Black women. What do we know about lung cancer differences in the Black community vs the White community?  Well, we know that both Black men and women are less likely to be diagnosed at an early stage where lung cancer is most treatable. So, survival rates in the Black community are lower than in the White community. Our guests today are working hard on a research project to address this disparity by bringing information and improving access to CT scans for the community of Black women. This group is often ineligible for this diagnostic tool because they don’t meet the guidelines based on the National Lung Cancer Screening Trials. Learn more and why this project is so important.     

Our guests today, Dr. Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, Alexandra Potter and Deepti Srinivasan of Mass General Hospital are working hard on research into the community of Black women and how to facilitate their participation in low dose lung cancer screening.